Mr. Lin Zuohong has more than 20 year profession experiences and remarkable business management ability, is company strategy development plan decision maker deputy general manager as well as other management all has the very good profession background and the rich managerial experience, has guaranteed enterprise's highly effective operation and the healthy development.
                  High quality talented person
                  ChaoZhou Hongtu Colour Printing Co., Ltd¡¡accept world each place broadly the outstanding talented person, the talented person is the company most precious wealth.The factory has a large quantities of high school record professional, simultaneously we every year advertise for the new graduate from the domestic well-known university, enriches our talent bank unceasingly
                  We install have the integrity training system, guaranteed the staff has the sufficient on-the-job training, and unceasingly carries on the renewal and the consummation to the administrative personnel and the specialized talented person's knowledge, sharpens our synthesis competitive ability unceasingly.