Chao¡¯an Hongtu Colour Printing Co., Ltd is the full name of our company and it is located at Baolong, Anbu, Chao¡¯an County, Guangdong Province, in People¡¯s Republic of China. It is a middle-sized of pharmaceutical packaging materials with reasonal productio

                  n process, complete and qualified testing equipment and high technology of automation in production. It has an annual output of production of pharmaceutical packaging materials of 2500 tons. Our company has been doing business and cooperating for many years with many well-known pharmaceutical production enterprises like Yunnan Baiyao Group Limited, Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutial Co., Ltd, Jiangxi Huiren Pharmaceutial Co., Ltd, Haikou Qili Pharmaceutial Co., Ltd and Foshan Fengliaoxing Pharmaceutial Co., Ltd, ect., and has earned a very good name for our high-quality packing products and service.
                  The location of our company is in good harmony with the beautiful local environment. We have carefully designed and planned the layout of our company to have an effective and reasonable structure. The production area is 5630m2, and the flexible packaging workshop 2250 m2, the warehouse 1600 m2, tree and grass area 800 m2, the research centre 260 m2, the quality inspection room 320 m2, the office 400 m2. The fire protection equipment and security facilities in all parts of the company are sufficient and reasonably distributed. The roundabout of the company is clean and free of pollutants. Within the company, it is also clean. We have an aseptic clean workshop of 100,000 particles level and we have registered in the State Food and Drug Administration and have been approved by it to be a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials (Class I of medical packing materials ). Our products meet the standards of the related State regulations and the demands of our clients. Approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, we have been granted the license of Quality Safety of National Industrial Production. And our company can also produce food packing materials that meet the requirements of related national standards and those of our clients and has earned a very good reputation among our clients and the annual output has been increasing year by year.?
                  The staff of our company are fully-qualified and we have a strong technical force, vigourous enterprise culture, well-established management institutions and regulations, assuring quality control system and stable transportation cooperation relations. We have special agents to trace the flow of the products after they are shipped out of the factory to ensure the timely delivery to our clients or to the designated warehouse. We have set up a website for aftersale service to initiatively, actively and timely get the feedback on the quality of our products and to better meet the demands of our customers.
                  We hold ¡°seeking truth, producing competitive products, and renovating ¡± as the spirit of our enterprise and ¡°seeking development with quality, and efficiency with good management¡± as our guideline. We regard quality as the life of our enterprise and treasure the integrity of our company dearly, and have always tried our best to ensure and improve the quality by scientific and technological innovations and by strict and normative management. We are always ready to provide our clients with high-quality products and satisfactory service. Welcome to come into business with us!